How to Learn Old English

Who are fans of the English language, there are ways to get closer to its roots, Learning Old English, also known as Anglo-Saxons. With the correct resources and some hard work, you can learn it well sufficient to read Beowulf in the original, writes poetry Anglo-Saxon bards and impress all medievalists happen to know.
learn old English language

how to learn old English

  • Learn Old English alphabet. The easiest and quickest way to do this is to look online. Learning the letters should not take you much time because there are only a few characters that are not used in current English.
  • Buying an old English dictionary. You can use the online dictionary, if you want, but paper bound versions usually come with good editorial notes and reliably.
  • Buying old English grammar guide for studying the structure and rules of language. "An Old English Grammar by Quirk and Wrenn is a good choice, but something put language in an easy to get to and comprehensive way will do.
  • Find and read some more easily in Old English literature. If you are a student at a college or university, be sure to check your library for anthologies of Old English prose and poetry. If you do not have access to the kind of research library for "Anglo-Saxon Reader Sweet" in online bookstores.
  • Try to read more difficult material to learn more words. Beowulf is a classic and elegiac laments as "Wanderer" and "Seafarers."
  • Consider taking a college course in Old English language and literature. Access to learning materials designed specifically for the course can really help you understand difficult grammar and literary ideas that can fight on your own.