Learn English With English Family

English is the universal language and what is spoken around the world. This is the only language understood by all people who can communicate and understand each other, regardless of where they come from. Today you go to any part of the world, English is the one who brings people together and unites them. This language is of great benefit to us personally to help us connect with people. It is also good for business if you have one. You can treat your customers a common platform that is in English. Is not it useful? If you are a phenomenon of travel and a globe-trotter chronicles in English will help you in any part of the world, especially if you're lost and need directions. So, learn a foreign language. You never know when it will be convenient or rope.

Always be confident and not feel uncomfortable in the beginning to learn to speak English. Willingness to learn and have an interest in wanting to know more. Look at people when they speak, they use different words and phrases, and try to remember that. Most people are very cooperative and will be more willing to teach you and even talk with you. You must do this often on a daily basis. This is the only way to gain more confidence and be encouraged to speak English. Chalk and plan to make time, so do not take too long to learn. Find a school in English or some language families to learn from them and decide on the many days you have to learn English. Once this is done, work schedule and stick to it.

This is very useful for you if you are an English family to teach you because it is one of the fastest ways to learn and better English. You can be sure that your grammar and pronunciation are excellent. These two factors are more important to speak English properly. Once you have created interest and got the hang of it, learning English will be a smooth path. Make sure you pay attention to how the families speak English. Even his body language speaks. The exact amount of interest so that they will help you learn the language faster. Daily practice that everyday life is also important, and accept the language a few weeks. "If you can not find the English families, and then find a friend who speaks English.

Finally, if you are abroad and can not find family, then see if you can find a school or institute that will help you learn English.You can buy self-help books, dictionaries, audio and video aids, etc. All this together can help you master the art of speaking English. It is easy. This boom of the Internet, there are many courses available online invalid. Just remember to check it carefully so that they can not choose the wrong path. What more could you ask? Learning English has never been easier, but not impossible.

I recommend you make a schedule and focus in achieving your goal of learning English with English family.

How to Find a Job

Everyone wants a job that provides a meaningful life if it is professional or personal. Get a job of your choice is difficult in these uncertain times, when the world market suffers slowdown and employers are filled with many CVs for experienced and talented. But it is unwise to believe that getting a dream job is impossible. The key to success is the right approach if it is anywhere in the world, from London or another. Find dream jobs in London can be quite a daunting task if you do not follow the right approach and organized. Here are some tips that can help you a lot in your search for dream job:

Study Yourself

Evaluate and test your skills in order to be sure what kind of job you are capable. Be honest in your area of interest, location and type of job you want to go. This will help you chase the jobs in your area of interest and relevance.

Employment Services Centre 

You should always take advantage of the benefits of employment center if you are good to do the same. It can help you a lot to offset your travel expenses when you go to interviews and agency also employment center have plans for those who are not citizens of the United Kingdom so it is best to plan a visit to your career center.


Get registered recruitment agencies as soon as possible. These organizations are willing to help and have a list of available jobs based on your skills and abilities. They also help you test your skills and provide advice at various times during your job search.

Talking to 

Try asking those you known of any employment opportunities in the area that matches your criteria. If you do not have any employee in your area of interest, it is good to take help from people on social networking sites or chat rooms UK. They can help you with much information.

Perfect CV

Your resume should be well organized and complete, to reflect your strengths. It is your introduction to the employer and is mainly important because it can make or break your chances of getting the job. So always keep your resume updated and honest.

Websites and online newspapers 

Keep an eye on newspapers and ads in your area and look through a new job in London in them. Also search sites online job, as the top UK jobs, monster jobs etc UK, sign up with them and upload your CV.

Tips On Writing Business English Lesson Plans

Writing a Business English lesson plan is very easy for some teachers, but it is difficult for many teachers. Even the most passionate teachers will find that writing plans for their class is very difficult. A passion for writing is not always translate into the ability to write comprehensive business plan for the English lesson. Whether someone is teaching English as a second language, elementary grammar, or English grammar, any experienced teacher will tell you that writing curricula need for many schools, if not all. Here are some ways a good business English lesson plan can help students get the most from your lessons.

It is no secret that some teachers may oppose the idea of writing plans. Some teachers say they are too structured for their students and rigid to be realistic. Although it is entirely possible to have a good balance between graphics and flexibility of these methods of teaching. This is where teachers should maximize their efforts.

Something to keep in mind when writing plans include books, essays, tests, oral presentations, class representatives, discussion groups, tours and more. Depending on the type of business English students and teachers can go for trips to see plays, reports, speeches and other educational events. Other activities include journal keeping, without writing, writing a business plan, and close reading to improve the abilities of students.

In this regard, it should be easy for teachers to understand why has the right skills while writing plans is important. Without it, the concept quickly descend into disorder and chaos. Students and teachers lack of enjoyment of everyday life and they end up with half-programs and indecision. The classroom is arbitrary, chaotic place, which is not very good environment for learning. All this can be seen when teachers ignore the business English plans for their students. However, teachers should avoid too much structure, which will give the students able to adjust and adapt to change, however small they are.

One reason why many schools require English teachers are their plans carefully to avoid the risk of teachers writing plans that are irrelevant. This ensures that the preparation of the plan period is a realistic and challenging, and to ensure that planned events in the calendar are suitable for student skill levels.

Another advantage of writing plans is that parents also have a good idea of what to expect from their children. It is prepared in case of travel or other academic functions. In many cases, teachers with parents can act as a companion on a trip. It is therefore in the interest of teachers to seek any assistance in writing the plans. This will not only make the work of teachers easier, but will also create an opportunity for enjoyment.

What are Coordinating sentences?

We all know the meaning of "coordination", which means something that will support our ideas and "subordinate" means something of lesser importance. As its name suggests, the penalties for coordination and subordination sentences are very useful in forming relationships between ideas and tells us the ideas that support our ideas or our grief and sorrows that make our sentences in lower position. These sorts of phrases are very important in English as we have perhaps to accentuate or minimize the importance of several issues in the phrases that we use. Let us know when to use coordinating pieces and just how to use these phrases coordination.

We generally use the coordinate sentences when we want to compare equally important ideas in a sentence and combine two independent clauses. Usually, we use the following methods to coordinate the parts sentence:

Conadition using a combination :

Conjunctions that we use for the Coordination of phrases, but for nor or so, even conjunctions etc. Each of these represents a different meaning and used in different situations.

"And" is used to link or combine two ideas.

"But" is used to combine two ideas in contrast.

"For" is used to show a cause.

"Ni" is used to make sense of neg-a-tion.

Using a pair of correlative conjunctions :

Some examples for the pair of coordinating conjunctions include all or nothing, neither-nor, not only, but also so

For example, it was neither better nor heat-worst.

They are used to combine the different sentences that coordinate with each other. They show a balance between two separate proposals.

Coordination by using a semicolon :

Semicolon is used to connect two independent clauses which are of equal importance. In general, we represent the kind of cause and phrases, separated by a semicolon.

For example, Sheela went to market, and has brought fresh vegetables.

Coordination using a verb conjunctiontive :

verbs include connective therefore, due, for example, in addition, however, etc.

These are also commonly used which are coordinating conjunctions used to indicate the different relationships between sentences. When we use this type of conjunctions, we must decide which ideas can be combined to give the exact meaning. Improper use of these conjunctions to represent relationships between ideas led to the change of meaning.

For example, the creation of computers has greatly helped the company, in addition to providing job opportunities, it also improved our lifestyles.

How to Learn English by Reading

I lost count of the number of times that students who study English asked me "How can I improve my reading skills?

I think I have a very good way to help you improve your reading skills and is very simple to do. If you use this method you will improve your vocabulary, comprehension and reading skills.

That's what you should do.

Book Choice

Choose the right book is very important, if you choose the wrong book from your level of English will not improve and you will be wasting your time. 

1. Choose a book for a 12 or 14 years (it will be a mid-level).
2. Do not choose a book for adults will be too hard.
3. Choose a book you are interested in.
4. I would say a fantastic book - they are more descriptive.

Once you've chosen a good book you have to use properly so that you can improve your English.


Make sure you follow the method otherwise it will not work.

1. Have a highlighter available.
2. Ask an Englishman - English available.
3. Read to a maximum of 15 minutes per day - no more.
4. Highlight words or phrases you do not understand.
5. Try to work towards using the phrase around.
6. Then, check your dictionary.
7. If you have an English teacher, you can ask them.

Do not make the mistake of reading more than suggested, if you do you will start to hate the job and you will not improve.

Some measures for you.

1. Buy a book at your level.
2. Follow the method above

Key to getting your English corrected

Stay corrected the next time you speak badly English! Okay, here's how. First, remember the rule of thumb - Communication. The person who is eager to learn the nuances of the language should know that their writing must be grammatically correct.

Several tools are equipped with word processing programs to correct grammar, although since the rules that govern language are different, there are actually some programs that identify grammatical errors. In addition, if the program identifies the error, it can not propose solutions that, you should know about the author's intention. Therefore, it is preferable that the tool of grammar should not be automatic, but manual.

Practice of reading aloud. Remember that the basis of any language is oral. Children learn to speak before learning to read. This makes some people understand and identify errors in the language during his hearing, rather than when they are read. Reading makes agile mind to pick up problems such as misspelled words, typographical errors and misspellings, quickly and effortlessly, that the conscious mind may not notice.

Therefore, it is easy to locate grammatical errors in reading aloud which enables the person to hear what they say. Other than to refine your pronunciation, you will notice that if the outputs of the language by reading a sentence, chances are it was poorly constructed.

What about you? It is important to find the topic because it minimizes mistakes. In general, there is an error in the language when there is no subject-verb agreement in sentence constructed. The verb in the sentence can not be properly combined appropriately reflecting the subject.

It should be noted here that the conjugation of verbs acquired naturally while you pick up the language. Even a child knows that "the rose is red" and "Roses are red.

Which generally leads to problems, however, are situations or sentences where the subject is a little less obvious. Thus, the writer should try to identify the object. Often, the object is described as the "person, thing, idea or a place that does something." Therefore, to locate the object in the sentence, he must determine the first verb that performs the action or who or what is the acquisition of identity.

For example, "The man who owns the house bought a lawn mower. The verb in the sentence is "buy," and the subject performs the action is "the owner".

You must also learn to identify the approach to sentencing. The execution of the sentence is another common problem encountered. It occurs when there are about two or more independent clauses which are linked together without proper punctuation. A complete sentence is also known as an "independent clause.

One of the rules for identifying a run on sentence is the solution if it can be answered by "yes" or "no." For example a sentence like "The bird flew away" may be requested in the form of a question, "Have Oiseau fly?". The answer may be a possible "yes" or "no"

How To Booking a Doctor's Appointment In English

Appointment of a doctoral :
I need to make an appointment. I need to see the doctor. When the doctor is free? I need to renew my prescription. Do you think the doctor could squeeze us today? I need to make an appointment for my husband. My child needs to come for a check-up. The doctor wants to see me again in two weeks.

What is your file number? What is the place for you? What day / what time is good for you? Is January the 3rd chord with you? How four hours of his? We'll see you then. I'm sorry the doctor did not take new patients. We remind you if there are cancellations. We lack an hour late. Dr. Jones is absent. You will see Dr. Lindsay. 

Example conversation :

Receptionist: doctor's office. Jane talk. How can I help you? 

Caller: I need to make an appointment with Dr. Harris. 
Receptionist: Do you know your file number? 
Caller: No, sorry. Is home and I'm at work now. 
Receptionist: No problem. What is your name, please? 
Visitor: George Mason. 
Receptionist: Mr. Mason Good. Take a moment while I take your picture, please. 
Caller: Sure.
Receptionist: Thank you for your patience. Now, what do you need to see the doctor? 
Caller: Well, I have been fighting a cold for over a week, and I think I might have a lung infection or something. My cough is getting worse every day. 
Receptionist: Hmm. Dr. Harris is out tomorrow. Do you think it can wait until Wednesday? 
Caller: Oh, I was really hoping for today or tomorrow in case I need some antibiotics. Maybe I'll have to go for a walk in clinic instead. 
Receptionist: Well, we had a cancellation for 2:00 p.m. today if you can get out of the office. 
Caller: Gee, it's almost 1:00 p.m. already. I think I can if I'm leaving now. 
Receptionist: We're a little late, so you can probably expect to see the doctor around 2:30. 
Caller: That's fine. Thank you for mounting in me Receptionist: No problem, Mr. Mason. We'll see you in an hour or two.