Learning to Speak English by Taking Down Notes

One of the best methods to learn how to speak English better, as certain notes. This is actually a very simple way to improve your grammar and vocabulary.

If you just want to learn how to speak English or are now able to talk well, but still hold some words that fail to stick around, then this is a technique that you can do to remember some of the words who hear for the first time or use of the word in a sentence that makes sense for you.

Some might think that might look funny, like certain words while listening to them, but if they realize informing them that this is their way of life, they may actually even volunteer some more words for you stop.

It's fun in learning a language, anyone who meet me can become a potential friend, because they feel they are able to learn, they know the language well and they can impart some wisdom and knowledge that they were First and gain since they were babies.

As students of language, never feel shy or not the place for you to know your limitations on use of their language. You will be surprised that many if not most, people like him who teach their language. They feel pride when they know someone living and rarely are people who will bring you down and ridicule his efforts.

Sometimes, just sitting on a park bench and listen to people talk is one way of hearing words that have never met in life. After taking down the words of the day, go back and see meanings.

Internet is full of dictionaries online, and even there are some who teach you how to say a word correctly. You can even find some sites that offer tutorials on how to use a word that took note of a few sentences that give the world different meanings.

Practice ENGLISH listening – FREE ESL AUDIO CLIPS online

Listening is the key to our time to become fluent in English and, of course. If it does not play, then you only have practical problems in understanding English, and the fight is properly.For communicate many who do not practice the problem, but finding the materials and improve the audio clip file in English and listening skills . Internet gives us a lot of files useful to know that we can help, but many have difficulty finding them. In this post I will share a site very useful and practical, in practice, listening in English.

It 'important to practice listening, but we need to do it right. One of the problems that English students have is that you hear the clip playing. Many try to listen to audio clips that are too difficult, while others listen to conversations simple. The idea is to listen to audio clips and listening exercises that adapt to your level. If you are a beginner then listen to the conversations that challenges you, but not too difficult. Then go step by step and listen to more difficult listening exercises gradually

ELLLO.org is a great resource page ESL audio listening and many years of listening. The best thing is that the audio listening exercises are organized into levels (beginners, High, Low Intermediate, Intermediate, Advanced), to help students find the best and most appropriate exercises. Simple follow the link at the end of this message and select an appropriate level. Then choose from our selection of listening exercises.

English Listening exercises – ESL FREE AUDIO FILES ONLINE


Tip to Write an Application Letter for University

If you ask the university, it is important to present a letter of application or personal. Each university has to obey its own requirements for job applications, and it must. This can be done with good writing skills and adequate command of the English language. Application write my primary influence, we must be careful that the application is free of typographical errors and spelling. Sometimes, the university will ask about your motivations, goals and experience of writing in higher education. The cover letter should reflect your best writing since the first writing sample their academic qualifications. You can write an application efficiently with the following guidelines:

1. Collect all your application documents and a list of demands of the university letter. You have to consider what college I want to say in your letter.

2. You can take a short description of your request in writing the points that you want to manage and organize them logically create comfortable.

3. You can use your letter in first person, as demand letters and personal statements are acceptable to use "I" pronoun.

4. You can submit your application memorable and contains personal stories and anecdotes. You can keep track over all obstacles to the application for college or inspired by a model to higher education.

5. In the draft of a letter on the application of time-points by your university. Each paragraph you write directly related to academic requirements should. Avoid walking or empty phrases.

6. Try to keep the report short and the number of words from the university. Keep writing as soon as possible.

7. You should check your e-mail, or someone with the skills to correct that. Make the necessary corrections.

8. Do not overuse "I" in the appointment from time to time to personalize the letter.

You can not exceed the number of words that can not follow you instructions. That does not bode well for the University of application.

How to Spell

Many English language learners, this language is considered the most difficult to learn. This may be because there are many exceptions, terms and conditions in English. In addition to all these aspects, the language is basically divided into British and American English, which makes it even more confusing for beginners. One major difficulty beginners face is to specify a particular word. Note that considering some simple instructions on how to make their words easier to understand and use correct spelling.

Tips for spelling words correctly

Importance of Pronunciation

Those who want to know how to make their first word correctly must be the foundation of writing law. Remember that most English words are spelled the same way that rule. However, there are some exceptions to this however, as silent letters and homophones. Learn how simple words are usually pronounced and try to spell them. For example, the sound of pronunciation of the word can be divided into "pro-nun CIA TA" to obtain the right spelling.

British and American English

In English, spelling may be either in British or American English format. It is better to learn of writing both to learn how to make their words in the language. It is advisable to learn the differences in spellings of words by heart. Go through the British or American English examples such as carburetor, carburetor, mustache, mustache, analyze, analysis, color, color, gray-gray, movie theater and many other words. Review of British spelling for American spelling over time will help you distinguish the differences.

Note It is difficult to practice spelling words

It is also recommended to note down words that always mess with the recording time. If your spelling does not match the manner in which they were written, the best way is to memorize them directly. Once you have made a personal list of the most misspelled words, you can begin to memorize them and practice well. Thus, you can even write the hardest word to spell.

Learn more about homonyms, Homophones and Silent Letters

There are other things you need to understand the English language. To get acquainted with commonly used words with silent letters such as knife, horse, island, champagne, and similar others. Learn more about homonyms and homophones words. Homonyms are words that sound very much alike and have the same or in some cases different spelling. On the other hand, homophones are those with the same pronunciation but different spelling. Good examples of homonyms and homophones words are fair ticket, pear-pair, see-sea, writes right, and so on.

Create and use their own Techniques

You can even create your own training techniques to spell words the right way. You can make a habit of spelling a new word every day that you are wrong. Using Internet resources to effectively help you learn how to explain properly. There are many interesting spelling games that can be used for this purpose. Consider a random word and try to write it. Sometimes you may be able to write the word correctly, but you spell it orally. Good idea to keep dictionary program on your mobile phone that will help you understand the words that you are not aware of. To read as many characters as possible is available to read good books on a regular basis.

These are some simple tips on how to make their words. To begin the study of English spelling, you can consider, related to spelling rules for children who will help you understand many things. After practice spelling difficult words for a certain period of time, you will surely be able to indicate the words correctly.

Semicolon Use

We are often confused about when to use a semicolon or a comma. These are the punctuation most confusing in English. But do not worry, this article will give you more information on the use of a semicolon.

Of all the punctuation marks in English, comma, colon and semicolon are most incorrect and wrong. It was found that many people use these symbols as synonyms, which is wrong. There are specific rules of grammar and punctuation to help us understand the use of symbols. Here you will see more about when to use semicolon and colon. To learn more about grammar and composition.

When to use semicolons

In a semicolon (;) is an important punctuation in the language of many applications. We are all aware that the semicolon is used instead of places where a longer pause than a comma is needed. However, there are certain conditions for it. The following rules for the use of a semicolon in helping to understand when to use semicolons in writing.

When to use a semicolon in a sentence

Using a semicolon in a sentence can be distinguished into two types. First it is used to connect or join two independent (main) clauses. On the other hand, it is used to separate two independent (main) clauses. An independent clause can be defined as a clause or sentence that can stand alone, since it is highly important. An independent clause is independent of the other party if the verdict of its overall importance. Its opposite is subordinate clause, as its name suggests, depends on the other part of the sentence because it makes no sense. Below are attached to a semicolon to connect or join independent clauses in tow.

To connect two independent clauses
Take a look at these examples, they will help you understand the use of a semicolon.

For example, I go on the market to buy fruit.

In this sentence, a semicolon joins two independent clauses. Both parties are independent and meaningful sentences. Sometimes in such sentences, comma is used, which is wrong. It should be noted that two independent clauses can be joined by a semicolon or a union.

To separate two independent clauses
As a semicolon to join two independent clauses, it can be used to separate them. Note the following example.

For example, John is a doctor but he acts and plays.

In this example, the transition is used soon after the semicolon, followed by a comma. This is the best way to separate two independent points with a semicolon.

When to use a semicolon in a list

Semicolons are used as efficiently as possible to distinguish between names (of things, articles, people, places, etc.) from a list. If you're wondering when to use a semicolon instead of a comma, and then consider the following example.

For example, Taxi speakers were Mr. Swaminathan, India, Dr. Rand, UK, Dr. Brandt, Germany and Dr. Roger, Australia.

If this sentence should be joined only by commas, the reader and the listener is bound to go wrong.Therefore, the semicolon is always used in the list when multiple items are used together.