Figures Of Speech

What are figures of speech and how do they influence our understanding of the English language? study this post to find out.
Figures of Speech

Some non-native speakers of English do not be grateful for English songs, jokes and movies at times; because there are some parts there they couldn’t understand fine. It’s not because they don’t know their grammar or vocabulary, but just because there are real meanings in the sentences they have to expose. In additional words, sometimes figures of speech are used. Below are some examples of figures of speech.

Figures of Speech examples

Simile : it is likening one thing to another typically using the word “like” or “as”
Ex. She is like a rare jewel that I money.

Metaphor : it is compare two objects, likening them without the use of the words “like” or “as”
Ex. You are the air that keeps me alive.

Hyperbole : it exaggerates something to highlight a point
Ex. I have a mountain of laundry to do.

Irony : saying something which is the correct opposite of what you mean
Ex. Really you are a great leader! We would be nothing without you! (when what it actually means is that he is not a good leader, and he’s useless)

Meiosis : it is a phrase that makes one thing appear less to enlarge another thing
Ex. I was nothing without you, but now I know I could do everything!

Euphemism : to rephrase a term with a less harsh or inoffensive term
Ex. He went to a much better place. (He died.)

Antithesis : two things in direct opposition
Ex. I looked for the light, but only darkness found me.

Personification : animating objects as if they were people
Ex. My heart cried in hopeless.