Learned Spoken English Quickly (Book & Audio)

Title: Spoken English Learned Quickly: Workbook and Instructor's Guide
Level: Beginner to Advanced
Author(s): Lynn Lundquist
Publisher: Spoken Language International
Date: 2008
Pages: 438 + 101
Size: 197 Mb
Format: PDF + MP3
Quality: High
Language: American English
Credit: www.FreeEnglishNow.com

Recommended! A downloadable self-study English course used by professionals and university students. This course can be used by university students, professionals, and others who want to speak English well. These lessons will help you learn to speak English in a short period of time.

If you practice one or two hours each day with the lessons on the audio recordings, you should be able to speak simple English within six months. However, learning English will require hard work each day.

This course can be used by both beginning and advanced English students. The lessons are neither too difficult for a begining student nor too easy for an advanced student. They can also be used by students who want to study without an instructor. However, you will learn better pronunciation if you practice for two hours each week with an English teacher.

There are three simple rules to follow in this English course:

1. To learn to speak English correctly, you must speak it aloud.
2. To learn to speak English fluently, you must think in English.
3. The more you speak correct English aloud, the more quickly you will learn to speak fluently.

How to use this book with audio:

1. Unrar in the same folder or directory
2. Open "Spoken English Learned Quickly Workbook.pdf"
3. Click on "Media" (American or British as you prefer) and choose "Allow"
4. On Adobe Acrobat, you will see "Options", then choose "Trust this document always"
5. Enjoy.

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Audio Part 1

Audio Part 2