Listening and Watching with English Time (VDOs)

Title: English Time (VDOs)
Level: Beginner to Intermediate
Publisher: Oxford
Date: 2008
Size: 1.99 GB
Format: MPEG
Language: American English

Recommened : Best way for your child to learn English by watching and listening through the videos. English Time includes twelve, 35-minute videos, ach designed to get your child’s attention and teach English in a very entertaining way. Each video presents the language and vocabulary in an entertaining story based in a fantasy setting called Cyberspace.

The story and the clay animation cartoon characters will capture your child’s imagination. The video contains a blend of real life acting and clay animation, with frequent workshop segments to review the learning progress. Each video also includes six original songs.


Level 1 Let' Start
Level 2 Getting to know you
Level 3 Let's move it
Level 4 Fun with time
Level 5 More fun with time
Review 1-5
Level 6 Talking about the past
Level 7 All about animals
Level 8 Tomorrow
Level 9 The last zone
Level 1. Around the world
Review 6-10

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