Tips For Finding A Job

Finding a job is a horrible experience for most people worldwide.  There is nothing worse then waking up in the morning, and having to go "job hunting", somehow even the worst job/s that you have ever held seems to better then "job hunting". It gets worse when you have go to the mail box, and the bills are piling up, for some reason who ever sends the bills always seems to have a job.  There are some things that you can do to make life a little easier. The first thing is make sure you keep up your confidence. I know it is easy to say and almost impossible to do, but it is still so important. Here are some unusual tips to help you find a Job.

1.Set Hours - Set specific hours and times of the day when you working "job hunting". It  may sound so simple or even stupid, but you would be surprised by how many time we are distracted, by taking care of the house, cleaning, appointments, helping out friends etc. It is not uncommon when we are unemployed that people think we are "on vacation", and may think you are available "to lend a hand".

Tell everyone not tp bother you as if you were at "work" and spend that time "job hunting". If possible try to spend as close as possible "job hunting" as you would as if you were at work. If you normally work 8 hours a day, then spend 8 hours a day looking for a job, and make sure you take your coffee breaks and lunch breaks

2.Resumes - Write your resume, and always look for ways to improve your resume. Don't think just because a "professional" wrote your resume", that it can't be improved or changed. Don't let people even "professional people" tell you there is only one way to write a resume. There are some different basic formats for resumes, but there are as many "ways" to write a resume as there are jobs.

Change Your Resume - If you are not get a good response from the resumes that you sent out, it is time to think about redoing or changing your resume.

 Resume feedback - Ask people to review your resume, newsgroups and message boards are an excellent place to get feedback on your resume.  Make sure you delete any personal information.

 The Internet has 100's of sites about how to improve your resume.  Custom write your resume to fit the requirements for each job if possible, and of course write a good cover letter.

3.Business Cards - are a must just because you are unemployed doesn't mean that you don't have a profession, and you want to present yourself as a professional at all time. If you are short on cash, don't worry. Make up a set of professional business card for yourself. Buy special paper that you can print out cards on pre-cut paper.

 There are many many different business cards templates that you can download, and more of less just fill out the information, and print. It is as easy as it sounds, and if you don't have a printer, then ask a friend or try your local library.

4.Improving Your Skills - If you feel or you have "free time", try to improve your skills, the Internet is an excellent way to start doing that, if it is typing, becoming more proficient with computers, learning new ideas, updating information etc.

5.Building Contacts - If you are looking for a job. Search your old school friends, people that you went to your school, army units or any other groups of people with common grounds.

 Don't start off with I am looking for a job, but take time to really get to know them and develop a friendship, since that way they will be more likely to help you out.

6. Message Boards - Get involved with message boards and  newsgroups, becoming active is a good way to get to know people that could advice you or even be in a position to give you a job.

 7.Be Friendly - Go to local  events, that are free of course. Check out volunteering  Go out and talk to people, say hello, and let them know by the way you are looking for a job, and give them copy of your business card, so they can get back to you. Get to know the people that live near you, the local stores (if there is such a thing where you live)

8.Fax/E-Mail -  Send faxes and e-mails everywhere to people and places that have jobs and places that don't have jobs you never know who will have a job in the future. It doesn't cost money or in the cases of faxes not very much money, and it is a good way to let places know that you are looking for a job.