Speak English Through Games

Learn to speak English is hard, but it need not be boring. When using games for learning to speak English, you can have fun while continuing to learn. The struggle to beat your challenger or get a high score may inspire you to study and learn more often. Computer games for outdoor activities, there are a number of games you can use to learn to speak English. 

Speak English Through Games

Instructions :

Practice basic skills in English through online games in English. If you do poorly in an online game, spend some time studying the concepts you had difficulty with, then play the game again.

Play games language group with English-speaking friends. Language games like Taboo and Catch Phrase require players to practice speaking. In both games, players must use the descriptions and definitions to bring their partners to guess the word they have drawn. This will improve your vocabulary and use of synonyms. When you play with English-speaking friends, you can practice your pronunciation.

Change typical of outdoor sports and indoor games in the games to teach English by asking players to say a complete sentence about the game before trying to score points. For example, you may request a sentence before a beat tries to hit the ball or to determine who gets control of the basketball in a game. The Internet TESL Journal recommends playing cards, a game in which students must write on a exact topic for each suit played.

Learn American English By Watching Movie

Want to learn English by watching American movies? Looking for some tips on how to do it? If so, keep reading, because you are the right place. This article is for people who want to do it! I will show you three tips that will help you learn from movies. This is a very fun and successful way to improve your language skills.

how to learn american english

1. Watching American movies without subtitles to improve your listening skills

You can watch movies with or without English subtitles. I prefer watching movies without subtitles. Why? Because it forces you to focus. It is easy enough to watch a movie in a foreign language, if you have subtitles. You just need to read, you do not need to listen carefully. So start watching American movies without subtitles and you will quickly improve your listening skills.

2. Observe American movies with subtitles, and repeat after the local speakers
Subtitles can be sometimes useful. You can watch an American movie with subtitles and repeat out loud after the players to improve your pronunciation. Do this for at least 15 minutes a day and you will speedily notice a big improvement in how you talk.

3. Translating subtitles in your local language

It takes time to translate the English subtitles in your local language, but it is extremely effective. You will learn hundreds of words and useful phrases. And it will help you learn the most useful, spoken American English.

That's how you can learn English by watching American movies. Always keep in mind that you must speak at least some English to use these methods. Good luck and have fun watching movies and learning.

How to build your vocabulary fast

To learn how you can improve your vocabulary words is an important part of not fluent in English as a second language. Vocabulary building can also be necessary activity for giving better opportunities for English speaking and writing. Large and diverse vocabulary allows you to express yourself more exactly. Whether you review test TOEFL or want to master ESL, here are some tips on how to improve your vocabulary words easily.
learn vocabulary fast
Immerse yourself in English when possible. Enjoy the movies, check books, or even listen to the radio and do not understand all the English words and phrases. It is possible to jot down words that are unknown to you and watch them later to include them in your vocabulary word list builder. Although the best way to get acquainted with the sense to use the dictionary, the word comprising, as a photograph or image can improve your retention rate. The use of visual aids by incorporating the image for building vocabulary word list can help you to keep in mind the words and phrases easily.

Take advantage of memory tools. One saving tools that you are able to use to increase your list of vocabulary words is mnemonics. Mnemonics by association is a term associated with the memorable words or pictures. There may be a wide range of mnemonic systems that you can use and it is shown that the use of these types of memory tools will give amazing effects when it comes to saving.

How to build your vocabulary fast

Integration of fun activities. There are many educational vocabulary building exercises that will help in learning new English words much more interesting, and maintenance of words will be facilitated by these types of activities. You can enjoy crossword puzzles; word searches complete, or use flash cards. Take a dictionary to understand the meaning of the word while playing, and exercise their voting state to improve pronunciation.

If you are involved in language training course on the Internet or using language, computer training software, you can create a number of new words flashcard vocabulary and also to explore all of them regularly. You can do flashcard some vocabulary words by writing the word and definition of the word on the back of a file. Review each country to establish appropriate links between the word and essential.

These kinds of ways on how to increase your vocabulary plus included into a particular software vocabulary building computer. You may be able to improve your vocabulary 100 times faster by using software that can serve as your English teacher as a book, and give you more tests before you can proceed to the next stage. Learning English as a second language in a short period of time possible, but you need appropriate tools to vocabulary building software program can provide.

Improve Oral Communication Skills in English

Improving spoken English can be much more complicated than improving listening comprehension because they have to produce English speech that is not only grammatically correct but also understandable and suitable to the situation. local English speakers often speak very differently than they write and speak English language has its own rules and characteristics that differ by dialect.

Improve your pronunciation so that you understand. Select a standard accent (American, British or Australian) and try to imitate the pronunciation. Each dialect is slightly different pronunciation of vowels, vowels and some consonants. For example, "R" is announced at the end of words in American English, but fell in British English. After selecting a dialect, to dive into it. Watch movies and listen to music in this dialect and try to imitate sounds. You can also hire a professional coach and pronunciation accent or pronunciation classes of local school language.
Improve Oral Communication Skills in English

Construct your vocabulary. How should I use English? keep in mind the words that are important to you. If you are a businessman and need English for business, to learn words and phrases that are most applicable to business meetings. If you learn little about the main talks, learn words about time and how to explain. Focus on learning words you will use. If  learning a language course and the book has a whole chapter on Agriculture words that you know are reluctant to use, skip this part and proceed to study vocabulary related to your need.

Learn and practice of transitional phrases. Phrases that connect ideas and thoughts can improve the flow of speech. You can use words that you add, summarize, illustrate, processed, summarized and contrast. For example, consider the following statement:

I usually work on Fridays, but I'm usually free on Saturday. "

This speaker uses the word transition "however" to contrast their schedule on Friday and Saturday. Transition words make the speech less excited and more natural. At the bottom of the page, you can get access to an excellent relationship with a list of transitional words and phrases.

Practice with local speakers. Nothing can substitute for practicing your communication skills with native English. If you are someone with a private practice,  If you have friends who are native speakers or fluent in English, ask them to practice with you and correct your speech. Without feedback, you will have difficulty knowing what you are doing wrong and how to fix it.

Why Some Students fail to progress in English

Still after having studying English for many years, many people in Arab countries believe that their English is not very good. So, a question often asked is: Why?

Part of the difficulty is that we simply much time to learn a foreign language. You must learn a new grammar of the system, and thousands of new words. It also takes much practice to build up speaking, listening, reading and writing in a new language. Therefore, learning a foreign language usually takes years.
Why Do Our Students Fail To Learn English
This is especially true if you are learning a language that is very different from yours. German people can learn English quickly because German grammar is similar to English grammar in some respects, and also because the two languages contribute to many of the same vocabulary. However, grammar and vocabulary of Arabic is very different from English, and this makes it more difficult for Arabs to learn English.

However, the major problem lies more in the study of Arab students in English. In fact, the real goal of many students in Arab countries is not to learn English in fact their real purpose is to pass exams in English. Thus, most of their time and attention is listening carefully on good exam results rather than on learning. When the examination is completed, students were often quickly forget what they learned, and then they ignore their English studies until the next event occurs. (Students in Western countries who are studying foreign languages often have exactly the same problem.)

While studying for tests can help students learning English, passing tests is not the same as learning English. In fact, it is possible to obtain good test scores and never develop many useful skills in English. If students are actually learning English well, their focus should be on strengthening English language skills (such as the ability to speak or read English), not just passing tests.

Perhaps more importantly, students who really want to learn English need to take charge of their own language learning, instead of just passively do what their teachers tell them to do. They must choose for themselves the skills they want to control and actively carry out a plan for developing these skills whether there is a test.

The Advantages of Internet in Education

Internet helps students build up computer skills. It can also help students with their writing skills. In some forms, the Internet can help students with serious thinking skills. Students are confronted with more information than you could ever use or need. This requires them to collate the information and decide what is most important and relevant.

Advantages of Internet in Education

School Projects and Home

The Internet can be a great source for children trying to get information for a school project or homework. It also removes barriers for students with disabilities who may have difficulty getting the library. It enables all students have access to information or their families have a set of encyclopedias.


Internet allows students to read the latest news on a particular subject they teach. If they study American politics they can do to find news and find out what is happening in the world of politics at this time. This can help them attach what they learn in the real world. It can also make them interested in the subject. Students can have longer attention spans with technology than with other forms of traditional training.

Future Students

Students will need to use the computer for research in college, in work and everyday lives. Internet is a way of life for almost everyone now. Its use in the classroom is one of the best and safest ways to help them learn more about this tool.

Benefits for Teachers

The Internet is an extra bonus for teachers looking for more information on topics. It enables them to communicate effectively with parents and other teachers via email. Teachers can have their own class pages that parents can check at their convenience to see what happens in the classroom.