How To Booking a Doctor's Appointment In English

Appointment of a doctoral :
I need to make an appointment. I need to see the doctor. When the doctor is free? I need to renew my prescription. Do you think the doctor could squeeze us today? I need to make an appointment for my husband. My child needs to come for a check-up. The doctor wants to see me again in two weeks.

What is your file number? What is the place for you? What day / what time is good for you? Is January the 3rd chord with you? How four hours of his? We'll see you then. I'm sorry the doctor did not take new patients. We remind you if there are cancellations. We lack an hour late. Dr. Jones is absent. You will see Dr. Lindsay. 

Example conversation :

Receptionist: doctor's office. Jane talk. How can I help you? 

Caller: I need to make an appointment with Dr. Harris. 
Receptionist: Do you know your file number? 
Caller: No, sorry. Is home and I'm at work now. 
Receptionist: No problem. What is your name, please? 
Visitor: George Mason. 
Receptionist: Mr. Mason Good. Take a moment while I take your picture, please. 
Caller: Sure.
Receptionist: Thank you for your patience. Now, what do you need to see the doctor? 
Caller: Well, I have been fighting a cold for over a week, and I think I might have a lung infection or something. My cough is getting worse every day. 
Receptionist: Hmm. Dr. Harris is out tomorrow. Do you think it can wait until Wednesday? 
Caller: Oh, I was really hoping for today or tomorrow in case I need some antibiotics. Maybe I'll have to go for a walk in clinic instead. 
Receptionist: Well, we had a cancellation for 2:00 p.m. today if you can get out of the office. 
Caller: Gee, it's almost 1:00 p.m. already. I think I can if I'm leaving now. 
Receptionist: We're a little late, so you can probably expect to see the doctor around 2:30. 
Caller: That's fine. Thank you for mounting in me Receptionist: No problem, Mr. Mason. We'll see you in an hour or two.