Conversation between a student and a teacher - How to get a smart personality

Student: I'd like to have smart people. How can I get it?

Teacher: Do you know what is personality?

Student: Yes. If you look good-looking means we have a good personality.

Teacher: This is a half order. There are two types of personality. One is the inner person and the second is the outer personality.

Student: What do you mean by inner personality?

Teacher: Inner personality means that behavior, your manner and your cleverness.

Student: What is a foreign person?

Teacher: Foreign person means that physical appearance.

Student: Which personality is more important?

Teacher: Both are equally important. They are like two sides that can not be separated.

Student: How can I improve my inner person ?

Teacher: That's a spot difficult to improve the inner person. Improving internal personality is a time consuming job, but could be improved. Reading the newspaper, watch informational programs and is intelligent and positive people.

Student: How can I improve my outer person?

Teacher: It is very easy to improve the outer personality. You smart haircut.

Student: What hairstyle should I keep?

Teacher: Any good hair stylist can guide you which hairstyle to keep. Wear good clothes.

Student: Do I need to buy expensive clothes?

Teacher: Good clothes need not be expensive. Good clothing means clothing that suits you. You should wear clothes which are comfortable and confident.

Student: How do I know if I look good or not?

Teacher: You can take your friends for shopping. They can surely guide you. You can also take the opinion of a dress designer.

Student: I think if we act on your advice I would surely get a good personality.

Teacher: What are you waiting for? Start working to have a good character.