Five English Words Which You often Misspell

We often misspell some general English words. Here, I'm telling you five words you need to stop misspelling.

1. (a) Lose: Lose is the opposite of win.
(b) Loose: It means 'not tight'.

2. (a) It's: This is a contraction for it is or it has. For Example: It is/It's a cow. It has one tail.
(b) Its: Use this when one thing owns another. For Example: It is its tongue.

3. (a) Definitely: It's Definitely not Definately.

4. (a) Then: It is used for time. For Example: First I stole money, then we enjoyed together.
(b) Than: Than is used for comparison. For Example: I'm taller than you.

5. A Lot: It's not alot, it's a lot. Always give space between a and lot.