Mistakes You Should Avoid For Heigher Score In IELTS

Achievement of high score in IELTS is a challenge. I want to talk about common mistakes to over come.

heigher score in IELTS

Answer the question with the instruction :

For example, if there are questions, "answered every three to four words" do not have to answer questions in five words.

Never work with more than one passage at a time :

Nobody will tell you to stop working on the task at hand and move forward to the next. So, in the most horrible case, you could spend the whole time only one passage, when there are 3.

Never waste precious time with a hard question :

Waste of time of a difficult question All IELTS questions are of unreliable degrees of difficulty. It is wrong to assume that each issue will be more difficult than the previous. This is why getting fixed in a tough question is a bad idea. By moving forward to some more questions you could easily earn points, which would otherwise be lost.

Reading passages of whole words :

Read the whole passage first in Reading section Those passages are not intended to be read. be sufficient it to scan through the text, noticing what text is and what is the purpose of each paragraph. After examining the passage, it is time to read the questions and look for answers.

Never suppose that you know the answer before reading the passage :

For example, the question is "Does smoking cause cancer" and your mind says "yes", but the passage says "No", then "no" is the right answers.