How to Carry a Conversation

Be watchful. -- Watch the body language of the person you're talking about. Do you have eye contact? It interested, bored or boring in what you say? Does he / she is often looking for? He / she are doing something else while talking? If you observe that he / she is angry or bored, gradually changing the topic of conversation, or quite, asks him / her question (such as fixing his things) about something else. As you watch the other person to be respected as well. Possibly you know that you are displaying unwanted personality themselves.

How to Carry a Conversation

Listen well. -- Does he / she gives advice to disagree with your point of view, or did not like the topic of conversation? (He / she cannot say it aloud, but his / her intonation and choice of words should be enough to get the hint.) He / she are trying to change the subject to something he / she are more relaxed with? If so, let that person take control of the conversation, still for some time. Anyway, this is not a good idea to control the conversation. People enjoy the conversation more if it is for them and what they want. If you want to extend the conversation about them than about you.

Know when to stay silent. - Sometimes the best answer to the question is "yes" or not, but silence, especially when you're not sure what side a person is, if you do not know how to answer the question, just signal their shoulders with a smile or return of question of the person who wants to hear his / her judgment for the first time.

Conversation tips

Respect Opinions and attitude. -- As much as possible, try to avoid sensitive topics, which can start arguments. However, if another person who brought the topic, do not forget to respect his / her opinion on this topic. It may be that some of the topics of your conversation, you and another person have opposite viewpoints. Give your hand, but not insist on him / her. Let him / her to give his / her country without any prejudice to you. People love to talk about liberal people.

Be positive. -- Smile often and help. This will break the ice and make the other person more open to you. Try to avoid negative when we talk about some questions of yourself and others. People are naturally hopeful people. Use your sense of humor to lighten the atmosphere. Just make sure that your jokes are clean, not those that are abusive to anyone.

Do not put people on the hot seat. -- Do not ask a battery of questions, particularly those that are personal in nature, not so much to give the impression of questioning. Let people open their personal lives to you as an alternative of you, throw it away from them.

Be sincere. -- Even if humans as a compliment, they only be thankful for those who are sincere. If you really think that his / her hair is a mess, not even thinking to compliment him / her that this can only humiliate or insult him / her.

I wish your conversation skills will be better after reading this post about how to ways a conversation.