The Importance of Phonetics

When you open an English dictionary you will find a sign after the word just before the word, these signs are called phonetic. Phonetics will help you how to pronounce a word correctly. It gives the correct pronunciation of words in British and American English. Acoustics is based on volume. 

Learn the basics of phonics is very simple. In the first or second page of each vocabulary is an index of phonetics. If you know the game. This is more than enough to pronounce words correctly. 

The index shows a sign against it will have a say in which one or two letters of the word will be highlighted, which means that the sound that comes to the letter when they say that the word is the sound of the sign. Will have different signs for vowels, diphthongs and more. Just spend some time to get it right. Once you have idea, then nobody can stop you. 

Once you know how to use acoustics, then you need to go behind someone and ask them to help you give a specific word. You can do it yourself, you can even learn from others and correct them when they do not pronounce words correctly. 

If you do not acoustics, then what happens is if you do not give a specific word, what I usually do is look for teachers, parents and elders give you confidence correct pronunciation of the word. But chances are that the pronunciation, they may not always be correct. And we begin to give the word this way, what is wrong. 

And worst, there may be young and others that you trust and have confidence in you, whom you have a good command of English and how ever you pronounce that word is correct. And imagine if later, they come to know that the way the word is pronounced completely wrong, they make you more confident, even to pronounce words correctly. What is the most uncomfortable position to cope.

So why put yourself in these uncomfortable situations and spoil the impression. Instead learn to use phonetics. And an example for others. You may also be unsure about what they speak and even to stand up and say that the pronunciation is wrong when someone pronounce incorrectly.