How to be a good English Teacher

It is known to all that you are an expert in English language that means you can write good English, speak in an elegant manner. But can you boast of being a good tutor of English language? Evidently not. Nobody can. For it is very hard to be a good tutor. You can easily be the master of a language but you never brag of being a prolific tutor, specially of such a language like English.

Now you have to be quit aware of the difference between a tutor and a teacher. A teacher is a person who teaches a class. There are a great number of students there. But when your role is to play as a tutor you face a two or three students before you whom you have to impart the lesson. Teaching a class is to some extent easy. You have no need to specify the problem to a specific student in a class. But when you are tutoring you have to pay attention to the individual problems of the students.

When you are going to be a good tutor of English, you have to decide first whether you want to be a grammar tutor or guide your student to write good English. It is up to you what you want to tutor them. Practically the part you feel yourself strong it is better to cling to that part.

If you want to get fame and popularity as a good English tutor it is better to knock the local schools. If one student of the school is a student of your tutorial home and get proper help from you he/she may tells high of you in the school and in this way you may have a great flow of students in your tutorial home.

But to be a tutor is not enough. It is your duty to make the student well conversant in the language. If he/she gets practical help from you it is expected that you are sure to be renowned as a good English tutor.

It is almost noted in the countries where English is taught as the second language the government of the countries take the initiative role to decide from which class the language should be taught. It is the wrong decision of a government that can easily make the students of the ESL victims of absolute ignorance. Every time they are misguided and wrongly treated.

In such a state the role of an English tutor is  As the student is ignorant of the basics of the language you have to guide him/her according to his/he capacity. If you try to impose your thoughts on him you are sure to lead him to utter despair.

Begin the students from the very basics of English grammar along with the translation method. Whatever the wise men say about the misuse of ‘translation’, without it the learning of a foreign language is nothing but elusive. Hence try to make them acquainted with the basics along with the translation method and find in the long run that your name is uttered on every lip as a good English tutor.

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