Why VPS Hosting Service Is Better than Both Dedicated Server and Shared Hosting Services

The biggest advantage of the implementation of cloud computing technology in a network system is that clients can now make use of VPS Hosting service instead of the traditional hosting service. Formerly, if you, as a client, request hosting service from a certain IT company, you will only have to make a choice between two options. The first is renting a dedicated server and the second is becoming a client of a shared server. Both options have advantages and disadvantages. The most obvious advantage of renting a dedicated server is that you rent the entire server and you enjoy a right of full control of the entire server. Therefore, you can install whatever applications that you and your clients can use and you can reboot your server whenever you want. If you become a client of a shared server, you cannot enjoy such right but you don’t have to spend a lot of money in order to use the service because the cost of shared web hosting service is much less expensive than the cost of dedicated server service. VPS (virtual private server) takes the advantages of both services and discards their disadvantages. If you rely on virtual private server service, you are renting a private server that you can control with the price of a shared hosting plan.

In order to find out the advantages of hiring VPS service, you should know what each term that makes up the term virtual private server. A virtual private server is a virtualized server. Therefore, it is not an actual server. A virtual private server is a client that is empowered with server-based operation. And that empowered client is owned privately by person who rents it. Because it is in fact a client, if you hire it, you only have to pay the same amount of money with that which you spent if you hire a shared hosting plan. However, because it is empowered with server-based operation, you can treat your system like an actual server. You can install applications on it, control its security, and even reboot it.

If you are interested in using cloud virtual private server to operate your website or any kinds of network system that you manage, the first place that you should visit is an IT company. In order to find an IT company that you can rely on, you can use internet search engines that you are familiar with or ask around to get referrals.