The cloud computing mark higher change of the IT

The technology is never stop to develop process. Technology always change be more efficient and can help easily then the last update of the develop process of technology. For the first technology in computing is by using mainframe process. The technology of mainframe is centralized computer and the centralized the storage of the computer. From the economy side, mainframe is due to high cost for optimized for the efficiency. The second technology in computing is client-server. The technology of the client-server is used PCs and server for distribute computer, storage and the others. From the economy side, client-server due low cost because client-server is used optimized for agility not used for efficiency. The third technology of computing is by using cloud computing that recent this time in 2012. 

The cloud computing is new era for using the efficiency process by using the internet access to get some application that’s people wants. The technology of the cloud computing is used large of DCs, commodity HW, scale out, and the device. The cloud computing was process by cloud encryption that’s support by internet access. From economy side cloud computing is order of magnitude better efficiency and agility. This time is simple than the last update of the mainframe era. Cloud computing is very simple for use and install some application. We just connect the internet access and connect to some application that support and we can directly download and can used the new application. Not much money to waste it. We just apply some application and the technology in hand. That’s the better ways that happen in the develop process of the technology. People can access many of the application that they want. Cloud computing can handle many of capability of the application access. Develop process of the technology can makes better life.