IELTS: Questions And Answers

Who must get the test?

If you have applied for a place in an English medium college or university and the organization requires proof of English skills test must take IELTS. Even if American university need TOEFL results as proof of English capability, another university in the world to recognize and accept IELTS. If in doubt, ask your teacher, counselor or contact the institution you are applying. British Council and IDP will also recommend you.

Which ever version of the test should I take IELTS?

The General Training Version candidate intending to study in English medium secondary schools or professional training institutions. The academic version is aimed at students wishing to study for a bachelor or postgraduate studies in English medium university or college. If you are still unsure which one to sign up for, ask a teacher, consultant or institution to which they are applied.

What can I do to prepare for IELTS?

If you are confident that your English is good quality, just need to get IELTS Handbook when you register for the test. If your English needs to be improved or need practice in test form, you could do one of three things. First, you can register for classes IELTS. They will improve their English and prepare you for the kind of issues that will need to meet the 4 tests. Secondly, you can get sample resources Pack, which is a complete practice test, answer key and audio cassette. You can get this package from the testing centers or by sending an application form in the Handbook of IELTS. Thirdly, you could teach commercially produced IELTS preparation books.
IELTS Questions and Answers

Where Can I Take The Test?

IELTS test is obtainable in over 100 countries worldwide and their number is growing all the time. There are currently more than 200 test centers in these countries. Wherever an office of the British Council or IDP, you can arrange IELTS test for yourself.

When I use the test?

Unlike some other English language tests, there are no fixed dates for IELTS. Most testing centers offer the IELTS test at least once a month, but the test is often the busiest times of year. In other words, if enough students in your area have applied to do IELTS, the test will be administered in response to this demand.

How long does it take a TEST?   

You can whole the test within one day. The test has four taps: listening, reading, writing and speaking. Listening test takes 30 minutes. In reading and writing tests last hour each. Speaking test only 15 minutes. The entire test, then takes 2 hours and 45 minutes. To start the morning and finish the last test, speaking in the afternoon. Arrangements can be made to pass the test speaks one or two days after the other papers.

What if I have problems With My preparations?

It depends on what the problem. Local testing centers are very helpful, but there are limits. For example, if you can not reach the center of the test date order and inform them in advance, another test date will be arranged. If you miss a test because you're sick and you have a medical certificate, then a new date will be arranged and fees refunded. If you are away from the test without good reasons, however, will lose their full test fee. Of course, you can always order another test date if you wish.

How can I find information about my test results?

It takes two weeks from the date of your test results to be published. Results will be given over the phone, so you should try to get results sooner. Your test report, which is a one page statement, will be sent to you and the organization is applied.

What happens if my results are very poor?

Must improve their English. IELTS may be taken only 3 months because there is little point in repeating the test immediately - your results will be the same. College, which is applied, can accept your application, provided that you do English course there. You can follow specially designed courses for IELTS at local British Council to improve to improve your performance.