Different types of sentences

What is a sentence?

A sentence is a word or phrase that has a complete sense. It begins with a capital letter.

Jackie is my best friend.

A sentence is incomplete if there is no mind or thought at all.

My friend.
Our leader.
With all my love.
His mother.

Types of Sentences

Different types of sentences

1. Declarative sentence says something about a person, thing, place or event. It ends with a period (.)

The boy goes to school.
My mother baked cookies.
Mount St. Helens is showing signs of activity.

2. Interrogative sentence asks questions. It ends with a question mark (?)

Is this your friend away?
Why are you crying?
Where are you going?

3. Imperative sentence. There are two kinds of imperative sentences.

a) Application - Use the words Please and kindly.

Please pass your papers forward.
Please give me a hand with that.

b) Command - The tone of the sentence is like giving an order.

Do your homework now.
Will you two stop arguing?

4. Exclamatory sentence expresses strong feelings or emotions. It ends with an exclamation point (!).

We are here at the end!
My God, she's beautiful!
Transformer types of sentences

A sentence can be changed by different sentences with minor adjustments. Our example is this sentence: Ann is a good student. (Who is a declarative sentence)

1. Interrogative sentence

Ann is a good student?

2. Imperative sentence

a) Application
Please be a good student, Ann.

b) Command
Be a good student, Ann.

3. Exclamatory sentence

Yes! Ann is a good student.

Looking at the example sentences above, you can see how easy it is to change a sentence with just a small adjustment to say something completely different.