Top Presentation Tips for Student

The students were all very positive about what they learned, and so I asked them to help out other budding presenters by sharing their top tips for successful presentations. Below is a combination of their advice.

1.Be Ready:

You have to spend time researching and putting your presentation together, then revising, editing and finally practicing it before the final delivery. If you don’t have a colleague or friend to practice with, you can stand in front of a mirror or record yourself using your phone. “Practice really does make perfect with presentations,” one student said.

2.Use your voice to catch the audience:

To keep the audience interested, you need to make sure your voice is loud enough, so that everyone can hear you, but not so loud that you start shouting. You should try to vary the pitch and rhythm and, of course you must sound enthusiastic. Avoid looking down at your notes too much, and project your voice to the back of the room.

3.Slow down!

Many people rush through their presentations because they are nervous, but if you speak too quickly you might lose the audience. If you’re nervous take a deep breath and a sip of water, and remember to pause to emphasis key points.

4 Your body language:

 ”80% of communication is non-verbal”
Which means that you need to use your body and your eyes to hold your audience’s attention. Use your hands to signal when making key points. Stand up straight, smile, make eye-contact and avoid moving around too much or the audience will be unfocused.

4.Spend time on the opening and closing: 

Even if the presentation is quite short it is important to give a nice clear opening (including a greeting and a brief introduction). At the end, don’t just say “That’s about it” but try to summaries or finish with a joke so that the audience doesn’t forget you as soon as you stop talking.