English Vocabulary : 100 Opposite words And 75 One word Substitutes You Must Know

1 Ability x inability
2. Happy x unhappy
3. Import x export
4. Interior x exterior
5. Maximum x minimum
6. Include x exclude
7. Junior x senior
8. Above x below
9. Majority x minority
10. Optimist x pessimist
11. Superior x inferior
12. Accept x refuse
13. Civilized x uncivilized/savage/barbaric
14. Big x small
15. Acquire x lose
16. Ancient x modern
17. Agree x disagree
18. Alive x dead
19. Barren x fertile
20. Admire x despise
21. Blunt x sharp
22. Bold x timid
23. Bright x dim
24. Broad x narrow
25. Care x neglect
26. Confess x deny
27. Cool x warm
28. Broad x narrow
29. Bold x timid
30. Clean x dirty
31. Cruel x kind
32. Domestic x wild
33. Difficult x easy
34. Dangerous x safe
35. Dark x bright
36. Death x birth
37. Debit x credit
38. Early x late
39. Earn x spend
40. Empty x full
41. False x true
42. Guilty x innocent
43. Fine x coarse
44. Freedom x slavery
45. Fat x thin
46. Foolish x wise
47. Fresh x stale
48. Fear x courage
49. Guilty x innocent
50. Gain x loss
51. Good x bad
52. High x low
53. Humble x proud/arrogant
54. Honour x dishonour
55. Joy x sorrow
56. Knowledge x ignorance
57. Kind x cruel
58. Lie x truth
59. Little x much
60. Masculine x feminine
61. Make x mar/break
62. Natural x artificial
63. Noise x silence
64. Oral x written
65. Pride/arrogance x humility
66. Permanent x temporary
67. Presence x absence
68. Profit x loss
69. Prose x poetry
70. Quick x slow
71. Receive x give
72. Reject x accept
73. Ripe x raw
74. Rough x smooth
75. Remember x forget
76. Rich x poor
77. Sharp x dull
78. Tragedy x comedy
79. General x particular
80. Victory x defeat
81. Wild x domestic/tame
82. Weak x strong
83. Wisdom x folly
84. Youth x aged
85. Give x take
86. Laugh x cry
87. Smile x frown
88. Buy x sell
89. Here x there
90. This x that
91. Never x always
92. Stop x start
93. Wrong x right
94. Tight x loose
95. Love x hate
96. Throw x catch
97. Yes x no
98. Forward x backward
99. Stand x sit
100. Lost x found

75 One word Substitutes You Must Know :

One word may often express the idea of a phrase. Here is a collection of 75 one word substitutes you should know.

Abdicate – To give up a throne voluntarily 

Autobiography – Life story of a man written by himself. 

Aggressor – A person who attacks first

Amateur – One who pursues some art or sport as hobby

Arbitrator – A person appointed by parties to settle the disputes between them

Adolescence – The period between childhood and adulthood

Bibliophile – A great lover of books

Botany – The branch of biology dealing with plant life

Bilingual – A person who speaks two languages

Catalogue – A list of books

Centenary – Celebration of a hundredth year, once –a-century

Colleague – A co-worker or a fellow-worker in the same institution

Contemporaries – Persons living in the same age

Credulous – A person who readily believes whatever is told to him/her.

Callous – A man devoid of kind feeling and sympathy

Cosmopolitan – A man with a broad and international outlook

Celibacy – Abstinence from sex

Deteriorate – To go from bad to worse

Democracy – Government of the people, for the people, by the people

Monarchy – A political system in which a state is ruled by one person

Draw – A game in which neither party wins

Egotist – A person who always thinks of himself; somebody who is selfish or self-centered

Epidemic – A contagious disease which spreads over a huge area

Extempore – A speech or a presentation made without previous preparation

Etiquette – Established rules of conduct; rules of acceptable behavior

Epicure – Somebody who has refined taste for food; somebody who loves sensual pleasure and luxury

Exonerate – Free somebody from blame or guilt; free somebody from an obligation

Eradicate – Destroy or get rid of something completely; root out an evil or bad practice

Fastidious – A person difficult to please

Fatalist – A person who believes that all events are pre-determined

Honorary – A post which doesn’t carry any salary

Illegal – That which is against law

Illiterate – A person who cannot read or write

Hostility – Intense aggression or anger; state of antagonism

Incorrigible – Impossible to change

Irritable – A man who is easily irritated

Irrelevant – Not applicable

Invisible – That which cannot be seen

Inaudible – That which cannot be heard

Incredible – That which cannot be believed

Impracticable – That which cannot be practiced

Invincible – That which cannot be conquered

Indispensable – Something that is essential and cannot be dispensed with

Inevitable – That which cannot be avoided

Irrevocable – That which cannot be changed

Illicit – That which is considered wrong or unacceptable by prevailing social standards

Insoluble – Incapable of being dissolved in a liquid

Inflammable – Something that quickly catches fire

Infanticide – The act of killing an infant

Matricide – Killing of one’s own mother; killer of one’s own mother

Patricide – Killing of one’s own father; killer of one’s own father

Kidnap - To take somebody away by force and hold him or her prisoner, usually for ransom

Medieval – Belonging to the Middle Ages

Matinee – A cinema show which is held in the afternoon

Notorious – A person with an evil reputation

Manuscript – Handwritten book

Namesake – Somebody or something with the same name as somebody or something else

Novice – One who is new to a trade or profession

Omnipotent – All-powerful; possessing complete power and authority

Omnipresent – One who is present everywhere

Optimist – One who looks at the bright side of things; somebody positive

Panacea – A supposed cure for all diseases or problems

Polyandry – The custom of having more than one husband at a time

Polygamy – The custom of having more than one wife at a time

Postmortem – Medical examination of a dead body

Pessimist – Very negative person; somebody who always expects the worst to happen

Postscript – A short message added on to the end of a letter after the signature

Synonyms – Words which have the same meaning

Smuggler – A person who imports or exports goods into or from a country secretly because they are illegal or in order to avoid paying duty on them

Vegetarian – Somebody who doesn’t eat meat or fish

Venial – A pardonable offense

Veteran – Somebody who is considerably experienced in something

Zoology – The branch of biology dealing with the study of animals